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the "early" Lincolns - 1920 to 1939
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The Lincoln Motorcar Heritage Foundation was established to preserve and disseminate information pertaining to the Lincoln motorcar. Its objectives are:

  • to acquire, restore, maintain, preserve and display items of historical interest related to the Lincoln motorcar;
  • to promote historical research and the dissemination of information concerning the origin and development of the Lincoln motorcar;
  • to provide research services concerning the Lincoln motorcar to the general public;
  • to seek donation, cataloging and preservation of historical materials to accomplish those objectives;
  • to lease, purchase or build as well as operate appropriate facilities and equipment to allow the accumulation, display and organized dissemination of information related to the Lincoln motorcar



Or contact the Lincoln Motorcar Foundation:


Lincoln Motorcar Foundation
c/o Jack E. Shea, Treasurer
5022 Harbortown Lane
Fort Meyers, FL 33919-4651



You can view artists sketches of the proposed museum by navigating to the "Documents" tab at the left.