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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

1932 Lincoln KA Headlight control switch
Jim Vitale
Still looking for help in resolving my headlight switch control on my 32 Lincoln KA.
The light switch, located on the steering wheel, always works when on parking lights mode, but when I switch on the headlights, it works sporadically. I have to switch on the headlights multiple times (about 10 to 12) to get it to turn on.
Once the lights are on the lights stay on and operate normally, but when turned off for more than a few minutes, I have the same trouble.
The switch looks like a Model A Ford switch in that it is located at the very bottom of the steering wheel but I would guess that it may be larger. There are wires going into the bottom of the switch. Do the contacts need to be cleaned?
Is it easily dismantled? As the switch is on the very bottom of the steering column could it have been subject to oil from the steering gears or reservoir located right above the switch.
Any help would be appreciated..
J. Vitale
John Kelso
See your previous post . Most likely you need to remove the switch and clean the contacts
between the two discs. Remove the two nuts above and below the switch bracket. It will then pull off the rod. Be sure to disconnect the horn wire it will then pull through the switch. Once off you can easily lift it up for better access. The two parts of the case will separate when you turn the cover. Both discs with contacts will then be exposed for cleaning. These are indexed in the case so no problem reassembling.Pull the horn wire back through as you push the switch back into place. John
Jim Vitale


Thanks very much for your suggestion to fix my "lighting" problem. Very helpful.

Jim V.

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