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1929 L need ammeter or repair
Allan Rustad
The ammeter on my 1929 limo is sticking, I have wired in a modern accessory unit for function.
Does anyone repair the originals? Alternately, I need another meter from a 28-30 car.
FYI- the two terminal screws on these have different thread sizes: one is 8-32 UNC thread(common) the other is 8-36 UNF(very uncommon). I have found 8-36 brass nuts are available at McMaster-Carr. I believe my problem may be the result of using only one nut on the 8-36 screw, which would stress the ammeter case when the wire terminal is installed and the nut. tightened. Must have 2 nuts - one to secure the meter in the bracket, the second to attach the wire, tightened against the first nut.