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the "early" Lincolns - 1920 to 1939
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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

1925 Model L 7p sedan headlights

Martijn Janssen

Hello Fellow Lincoln lovers,

here is my first post as a newbie. I am super happy to be able to join a club like this. in the Netherlands there is not much knowledge of these old flagships.
I was very forunate to be able to buy a 7p sedan from 1925 at an auction. What is even
more amazing that everything seems to work. we only had to open a stuck gas pump, but after that the motor came fully to life after being musuemed for maybe 30 years. wow.

now we are stuck with a small headlights problem .those are the only things that does not work. I hope someone can teach me more about these.
tail lihgt has a bulb named TS1183, so we assume the same could have been used in the early days for the front? Or are we wrong? how much wattage may they draw from the 6 volts battery? does the 1925 system have a light switch? I assume not? It has two electrical faultage detection system. one moving and one stationaire. Can anyone in the club tell me more? i love to hear from you guys. thanks for having me. Martijn