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Lincoln "L" Parts or Cars Wanted

Wanted: Distributor Cover and Ignition Switch Par...
Jeff Deringer
Looking for a distributor cover that looks like it's made from Bakelite. I have the screw knob for the top.  Found from club member!

Also would like to find the internal parts for the ignition switch on the steering column with the indicator showing off and run. Found on Ebay of all places!


Thank you.
Allan Rustad
Hi, Jeff,
I have a spare distributor cover. It is brown bakelite. It is cracked, but functional. 
Interested? Available cheap
Jeff Deringer

Thank you for the response. Leland Powells told me he's got one he'll sell me. Thank you for the offer. If something happens and I can't get it, I'll give you a call.

Thanks again,

Allan Rustad
Jeff, Leland probably has the ignition switch parts, as well. I have a spare steering column brace with the ignition switch mechanism, but no operating lever or electrical switch portion. Do you have the strap that is riveted to the cast housing with the window for the on-off indicator ? Actually, I think it is held on with tiny drive screws, not rivets.

Al Rustad
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