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the "early" Lincolns - 1920 to 1939
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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

Horn donations requested
Linus Tremaine
as part of my model L serial number research I have been working with Renee at the LeMAy museum in Tecoma. She sent me this email. If you have any horns laying around, please consider donating

I am working on a little project at work and am passing this along in case any member of the Lincoln Owners club would like to help. Our visitors, and most notably the children, love when we demonstrate various parts of Antique and Classic era vehicles, especially the early car horns.

I am seeking donations of reed-bulb horns and mechanical (hand) claxon-style horns that we can utilize for demonstrations allowing the kids to experience honking different types of horns themselves.

So if anyone has a good early horn, in any style/size, in working or good repairable condition (I can replace horn-bulbs) with or without mounting bracket, I hope you will please consider donating to the ACM Collection. I promise I will put them to good use (and suffer the consequences gladly!) We are a 501c3 cultural organization so a donation receipt will be provided for the item along with my thanks for your generosity.

Contact me if you have questions or have a horn do donate at 253-683-3967 or email: You can also drop off to my attention at the museum, or mail the horn to me, mail to Attn: Renee Crist, LeMay-ACM 2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421. Please do make sure to include your name and contact information with the package. Thank you