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32 KA parts
chester stevens
I just removed an engine, transmission, front axle, rear end, and steering column and wheel from a 32 KA 4 dr. Engine is missing carb, distributor, starter and generator. Have various rods, brackets, brake cables, etc. also. One taillight stand and tailight shell. The engine is stuck but all cylinder walls are clean with no groves and only a very small wear lip at the top. Judging by the door latches and pedals I would guess it is low mileage. All guages are missing. All mechanical parts are for sale. 606-791-1549. I need a radiator cap. Does anyone make wood for this car? The car is too far gone for a practical restoration so, I am going to make a resto-rod out of it. (don't worry, I'm not going to cut it up) No body parts are for sale.