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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

Another wiring question
Ashley Griffin

33KA CC, other models may be applicable

Tail light wiring junction block that is located inside the driver frame rail above the rear axle has 3 armor conduits coming out of the back side.

1 for the driver rear light

1 for the passenger rear light

1 for body feed

It is the last conduit and the contained wires I am perplexed by. Where does this last armor conduit run, does it enter the rumble/trunk area? If so, where does it enter? Three wires inside are red, green and yellow/black, what are these for? The original schematic show body feed and autophone lead. The schematic that accompanied the new harness indicate the same with explanation of switch and battery.

Unfortunately, this area was in such poor shape at the beginning of this project, there is no way to use disassembly pictures for reference.

Bill Wybenga

My Service bulletin of April May '31 identifies these wires as YB always live (in other words feeds all services with a switch) R is the body feed from the front Light switches (fed from several sources) and the G is for the Autophone voice current. The supply for this auto phone is tied two several other items (horns) and is also a YB wire going to the AutoPhone which I presume is a microphone with the outgoing signal (G) wire going to the rear cabin.

A later SB Feb '32 shows exactly the same arrangement for the V12, as does the SB May '32 for the V8, as does the SB April/May '34.

Your car will be the same.


Bill Wybenga

I checked my 32 Coupe today, the 3rd conduit enters my rumble seat area a little farther back from the box (above the rear axle) going thru an elongated hole in the sheet metal. From there the wiring will be in troughs machined into the wood or hidden in the upholstery

Ashley Griffin

Thank you for looking into that for me. Very helpful.

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