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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

37 model k engine 414 cu in piston thrust face
Mike Bennett

I am installing pistons in my engine the pistons do not have a forward mark,, That last guy who installed them put them any old way so I cannot copy him.. The pistons have an expansion vertical slot in them,, I understand this slot goes in the NON thrust side I am thinking that the non thrust side on the pass side is inward and the non thrust side on the drivers side is outward? My other question is easier, I hope.. Are evens on one side and odds on the other side? I know that number one is drivers side,,, Spurt holes on the rods go toward the cam? or toward the outer side of the cyl wall? What a mess.... Mike

Lynn James

Mike when you first think about it you would think that the driver side would be the thrust side, as the piston goes down it’s forcing that crankshaft to turn clockwise but the force on the piston is on the passenger side that’s the thrust side.

Lynn James

This is a better photo

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