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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

37 lincoln k
Mike Bennett

I am the proud owner of a 37 Lincoln K limo, Very happy with it,, Can anybody tell me what size the water pump packing is.? This model has an oil cooler after the water pump.. There is a strange copper sleeve on one side of the packing,, It is pretty bad shape,, Does anyone know what this sleeve goes to? is it pressed onto the shaft? Mine was seized and came apart in pieces.. It does have packing and a gland nut that tightens down on it but the loose bushing in the middle of all this is perplexing. Is JB weld good enough to fill in low eroded places on the cylinder head water passages? I would have to mill it way too much in fact,, I don't know what the minimum thickness of the aluminum heads should be, if anybody out there knows? last question (for now) Can I put a thermostat on the engine and put in a heater core maybe under the front seat? Thank you Mike PS the water pump shaft was scored so bad that somebody put a real skinny bushing on the shaft Of course, that seized up and locked the pump up. lucky I didn't bust a timing chain.. Anybody know the minimum head thickness (aluminum heads) ?

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