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Lincoln "L" Parts or Cars Wanted

Looking for rear brake drum for 1929-30 wood spoke...
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Wood wheels were available from the factory as late as 1930. Many cars so equipped were exported. Kai Laine in Finland has posted photos of Lincolns in Europe with artillery wheels. I had thought of converting to the welded wire wheels, when I was beginning the restoration project, but the trouble and expense of finding 4 new hubs and brake drums and wheels and hub caps and spare tire carriers.seemed an unneccesary burden, as all the wheels were in reasonably good shape, and I had a large rim jack for mounting tires.  LOC members that I asked about this were emphatic that I keep the original wheels, as they were unusual on a late model L.,  There you have the story
Jeff, I did look at those parts on ebay. The rear brake drums ar chalk marked"1930 CADILLAC", so I was not convinced they were correct for Lincoln. Also, with all the modifications that were done, how truly accurate would the bore and drum ID be?
Thanks for the tip, anyway
as aside, how do you have wood wheels on a 29? I thought by that time all lincolns had welded spoke wheels? Perhaps your car has been modified somehow and is not correct.


Not sure if you saw these or not. They've been hacked up for a crazy purpose, but may help with a little work.
My 1929 Lincoln has a recurring issue with one rear brake grabbing.It is so sensitive that any hard stop locks up the wheel. The brake releases OK when releasing the pedal, but braking the car at speed is greatly compromised. Repeated hard stops will ruin the tire, at least.
I believe the drum was damaged at the shop which replaced the wheel spokes, such that the drum is not properly concentric to the wheel bearings. The way these wheels are assembled makes the drum difficult to remove, as the inner hub flange, which contains the inner wheel bearing has to be removed to free the drum. which is w very tight fit on the hub.  My suspicion is the hub bore was ground or bored out to loosen the fit.
In any event, a replacement drum, perhaps with the hub, is a possible solution to my brake problem. 

Any suggestions?
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