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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

1925 Model L 7p sedan headlights
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Glad to learn of 10CP small envelope 6V bulb. The #81 does not seem much brighter than the #63. More  light from dome and cowl lamps will be great. Thanks, Chris
As an FYI for all, there is now a newly manufactured 10 candle power (CP) bulb now available in the small #63 size/shape which originally was only 3 CP. These are available from Brattons model A ford in Maryland USA. Good for interior dome lights and cowl lights.
Light Bulbs for headlamps are old number 1000 (32+32 Candlepower); for tail, stop and reverse #1183 (21 CP)
For cowl lamps, #81 (6 CP), dash and interior lamps #63 (3 CP)
All medium bayonet base, straight pin spacing..Beware similar bulbs with offset pins, a later style that can only fit in socket one way. Headlamp bulbs are market "TOP" on side that faces up when installed. This is to put the high and low beams in correct alignment with the reflector and lens.
Thanks Linus,

these look period correct indeed, I might as well get them to have 2 reserve bulbs. you never know when the old ones will burn out.

Mine came from a Edison/mazda box, looking really old.
These rather rare extras all came from under the bench front seat. what a treasures were hidden there.

see picture. where can I send the Serial nr? the car is correct for its engine nr and body nr. also the year 1925 seems accurate.

I have very good news guys, this week my mechanic discovered the problem. I still have to hear what the exact bug was. But no worries anymore cause another Lincoln model L is now ready for its road legalisation test. awesome. We will do that coming tuesday, and I think if everything is allright shortly after she will get a licence plate nr. We will try to get the old blue square once, the have about the same size as the old Us plates.
to JEff: Yes indeed, you are correct. Its Brunn designed. I have heard it was one of the favorite built-houses of Edsel personally. Maybe I will convert to halogen in near future, but first enjoy the old warm style. thanks for your tips
I saw your car listed for sale. I maintain the serial number registry for model L. Is it possible to get your serial number?

I believe this is the bulb you would want for the headlights:

Jeff is also correct, the headlight switch is in the same cluster as the ignition switch- although I am also confused by your question. Hopefully that is a usful answer to you.
Welcome, and nice looking car. It looks like a Brunn body, is that correct? Not sure if I understand the question, but the light switch should be on the dash in the same cluster as the ignition switch. The light bulbs shouldn't be too hard to find. As long as they're 6V and have the right prong configuration to fit the socket you should be in business, unless you want to drive a lot at night. In that case you should probably look at retrofitting to a halogen type bulb. They make them in 6V.

Happy touring!
a first auction pic of my 1925 Sedan
What do you think?
Hello Fellow Lincoln lovers,

here is my first post as a newbie. I am super happy to be able to join a club like this. in the Netherlands there is not much knowledge of these old flagships.
I was very forunate to be able to buy a 7p sedan from 1925 at an auction. What is even
more amazing that everything seems to work. we only had to open a stuck gas pump, but after that the motor came fully to life after being musuemed for maybe 30 years. wow.

now we are stuck with a small headlights problem .those are the only things that does not work. I hope someone can teach me more about these.
tail lihgt has a bulb named TS1183, so we assume the same could have been used in the early days for the front? Or are we wrong? how much wattage may they draw from the 6 volts battery? does the 1925 system have a light switch? I assume not? It has two electrical faultage detection system. one moving and one stationaire. Can anyone in the club tell me more? i love to hear from you guys. thanks for having me. Martijn
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