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1924 L exhaust and clutch
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The clutch cleaning procedure is located in the Lincoln Service Book page 50 under Care of the Clutch. John Kelso
This is a two part question first I'm in the process of replacing my leaking exhaust manifold gaskets. My car is equipped with the down draft carb modification. Lifting the intake manifold I discovered in the upper port leading out of the manifold a freeze plug closing off this port but not tight, it was held down with a nut used as a spacer between it and the intake.Seems strange to me that the plug isn't tight but I've seen stranger things,any thoughts?
Second, clutch, there was a thread in the spring of 14 about cleaning of the clutch. Yes I have read about cleaning with gasoline. This is also something I need to tend to but the post ended with posted pictures by Mr. Tremaine. There didn't seem to be any resolution to the question, posted. Is this still a good practice.
Thank you for the help and advise,
John Kelso
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