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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

1923 Lincoln wood frame patterns or plans
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John thanks for the invitation to supply dimensions you may be able to confirm from your car and I will certainly keep that in mind, but I'm making progress with what I have to work with, for instance I produced the drivers side door hinge post took me 2 tries and about 2 days whereas the passenger side took less than 5 hours after I established working dimensions The biggest problem is that most of the lower ends of existing pieces have rotted away so as there's nothing there to measure but of course this makes it more challenging and fun. Ash is really good to work with and we haven't as yet lost many of them but they say it's only matter of time Sad indeed
Mr Burnett, It seems unlikely that anyone is going to have the drawings you require. The New York Museum of Art has some original drawings from American coach builders.
I have a 1924 touring and can get some general dimensions if you like, with a few key measurements and some poster cardboard or thin plywood it should be simple enough to make the necessary patterns to duplicate your wood pieces. Having re-wooded several bodies of this period it is my belief ash is the only choice for framing ,hard on tools and all screws need pre-drilled holes but great wood to work with. Sorry we're loosing it.
Good luck, John Kelso
Restoring 1923 Lincoln that was converted to a Service Car almost all of the wood framing has deteriorated and needs replaced I have chosen ash as the wood I will use and have most of the wood working equipment needed to reproduce biggest problem I am faced with is establishing accurate dimensions from whats left of original parts So wondering if any members have access to drawings, plans or templates for my Lincoln only needing the front cowl framing as rear was converted to service car box and doesn't need to fit as precise
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