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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

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The gear that Jeff called out on ebay is the one that fits on the end of the starter/generator shaft
That is a different gear. The one we are talking about is about 4" diameter and is multiple parts.
Hey Linus got it out thanks for the advise I just needed to be a little more persuasive with the dead blow hammer I plan to call Brian about parts after I've had chance to inspect all
The overrunning clutch is on the generator end of the starter-generator, under the coupling hub. You can just pull it out, after removing the fiber center piece of the coupling. Turn the hub counterclockwise while removing or inserting it into the roller assembly. There is a grease cup on the water pump housing extension that bolts to the starter-generator that is intended to lubricate this overrunning clutch. Do not put in too much grease, as it will get into the generator commutator area and cause electrical trouble.
essentially yes. You dont really "remove the gears" when you remove the clip as you say in your post, but you open the clutch inside one of them when you remove the spring clip. It has four rollers in groves inside that need lubrication. "removing the gears" from the bellhousing does not involve a spring clip. You have to take the foot starter mechanism off, take some bits off the starter side and you slide the big shaft out of the bellhousing from the back. you must be holding the gear that we are talking about with your other hand so that it does not fall down into the bellhousing. Once you remove the gear out of the access hole in the top of the bellhousing, you will see the cross spring clip. cram it full of grease and put it back together.

When you say one of the gears is torn up, you may be referencing the same gear that has the clutch inside. Brian may have a spare. Call him 831-475-1926.

There is also an overrunning clutch inside the starter. That one needs the same treatment.
Yes the 2 gears in the bell housing where the overrunning clutch is located So you are saying that if I turn 45 degrees and remove the cross shaped spring clip I can then remove the gears and examine and lubricate Is that correct? Also the gear on the starter/generator shaft is badly torn up from use, anyone have one in better shape for sale?
If you have the gear out of the bell housing, you can see that it has a spring clip that is the shape of a cross holding it together. You have to clamp the gear in a vice with a socket over the end and compress the spring clip. then, if you tap the spring clip either direction, it will slide out of the groves on the gear and then slide off the gear allowing you to separate the pieces and lubricate the inside.

The gear he talks about is not in the starter, but in the bell housing. You have to pull it out the top of the bell housing through one of the access holes after you remove the long shaft that the foot pedal pushes on.
Brian Harlamoff piece in latest Fork and Blade talked about the overrunning clutch in the starter drive mechanism sticking and possible overheating the starter This just recently happened with my newly rebuilt starter in 1923 Lincoln I can't see how to dissemble the gear from the shaft he mentions "gear can be taken apart by turning the cross on the starter drive 45 degrees" but I haven't a clue as to what this refers to Seeings how I have the starter off and am able to get at the mechanism would appreciate any help understanding it's removal
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