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Early? L Radiator
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Thank you Linus and Allan! I was going by the tag that was on it, and my dad did have many Lincolns, so thought it was a good bet. Looks like I'll have to do some research. Thanks again for the help!

Turns out it fits a 39 Cadillac and LaSalle.  Guess I was about as far off on that one as I could get!  Thanks again.
There are 2 water inlets at the top - Lincoln L has only one in the center.
Radiator is probably for early V-8, like Cadillac, maybe Packard Twin Six. 
This is not for model L lincoln, not sure of application.
I believe this is an early L radiator, but not sure. Looks to be in excellent condition. Shutters open and close. Let me know if I've misidentified it. Asking $300 plus shipping.
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