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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

Carb Issue and looking for replacement carb 1929 L...
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do you still have that carb available? Having trouble with a cracked venture, do not think these have been reproduced. This is the last hurdle for me to get this car back on the road. Many thanks. frank spinale
I bought this car from Ted just a bit ago. I am going to send out he carb for rebuild, but noticed a few other issues which may be the problem. Right now I am working on both the fuel and cooling side of things.

I am not sure if I will need the carb you have or not, but would value any insight you have.

Frank Spinale, South Carolina
I have a Stromberg carburetor from a V-8 1929 Lincoln L 177 7-Passenger touring. This carburetor was switched out in 1993 (for a Zenith carb) in preparing the car for the Great American Race.

If interested I can get you photos and a price.

David Lundberg
435 817-1890
St. George, Utah
I have a 1929 Lincoln model L and I believe I have a carb issue. Can someone recommend a carb expert for this era car. Note Tony Henkels has passed away.

Secondly, does any one have a carb for a 1929 they wish to sell?
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