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Lincoln "K" Parts or Cars Wanted

34 KA 2 Window Town Sedan parts needed
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Wanted: For 1934 KA two window town sedan. Rear door ash trays. May also be found in other 34 and 35 models. Round rear courtesy light lenses and bezels. Trunk support bars/hardware, even a tracing of them will be appreciated. Contact Lynn James at Lincoln "K" 1931-1939
Thanks Wally!
Hi Lynn,

Northfield Forming advertises every month in Hemmings Motor News. They list trim for tire covers, running boards, and trunk racks in their ad. The number is 330-854-6003 (Ohio). Enjoy your '34; they're great cars. Wally
This is the latest list of parts that I am looking for.  Listed in RED.  There are photos of the parts I am looking for on the link listed below.  Each photo has an item number that corresponds to the item on the list.  If you have any of these parts please give me a call or email me
Thank You
I recently bought a 34 KA 2 Window Town Sedan and am in need of a few parts. If you can help me locate any of the parts listed on the pdf file attached I would appreciate it
Happy New Year
Lynn James
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