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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

BODY #: Front Passenger Seat Frame
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A 1935 Judkins 3 window Berline is listed as 5-309B
A 2 window is a 5-309A. The 5 Stands for Judkins.
(A 4 Was for Brunn, 15 Lebaron etc)
Only 13 309B's were listed as sold.
This same body was carried over to 1936 but
designated a 337B. Perhaps they had a left over body
in early 1936 and used it on the car.
Placed a picture if this is correct it's a great looking car.
Hope this helps Ron

My '36 K Reference Manual states the BODY NUMBER for the car is stamped on the front passenger seat frame, which can be viewed by removing the cushion. I recently found the number stamped there, and it is P-309, and has a "B" in a circle above it. This number does not match my engine number or the ID Plate on the upper left face of the firewall. Do any of you know what the "P-309" BODY NUMBER tells me? Where or who built the body, or ????

Any suggestions will be appreciated!!!

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