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wanted vibrating/lockout unit
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Thank you for the response. Yes that is what I'm talking about. The lockout side of mine is not working properly. I cleaned the contact then discovered the brass contact arm didn't have enough tension to close the points properly, I bent them slightly and everything was working fine. After using the turn signals that had been added, and attached to this circuit it failed again, same problem. I suspect the contacts heated and lost their tension, just couldn't handle the extra load. So basically I just need the movable contacts for the lockout(circuit beaker)side. I'll also relocate the supply for the turn signals. My car is using the early type and I've read they can be troublesome.
Thanks , John Kelso
Appears you are referring to what Lincoln calls a circuit breaker. There are 2 separate units in the box , and they are different. One vibrates, buzzes if there is an electrical circuit overload, the other trips out and will only reset if the circuit is shut off.
There was a change to these in 1926, but new ones were offered as replacements for older ones.
What is the nature of malfunction of yours?
Hello, does anyone have a vibrating/lockout unit for a 1924 Lincoln, or perhaps contacts to repair one. Any leads on who might be able to repair or have a replacement.
Thank you
John Kelso
McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
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