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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

1939 V12 414 Head Bolt Torque
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Hi Lew
What edition of Motors did you find that? I couldn't find any thing in the 7th & 9th editions but did in the 16th edition. I have attached a page from it. 40 lbs just seams a little light to me.

Please see the photo from a Motors Manual

I checked all the sources I had, motors manuals included and could not find anything that specified a torque for "K" models. The torque stated in the Motors manual is for the Zephyr not "K". I send John Kocsis (he rebuilds engines for the late Ernie Foster) an email and he recommended 55 ft.lbs. In one old book I have it talked about torquing the head on a "K" and it says that the manufacture does not have a torque sequence but start from the middle and work out, but doesn't list a torque.
My 1939 Motors Manual states:
Lincoln All
Aluminum Heads : 40 foot pounds
Cast iron heads : 50 foot pounds

Hope that helps!
Lew Cook

Would you happen to know a source for side mount mirrors? My '36 K is a bear to back up, not to mention change lanes.
I am having the same problem. Did you ever get an answer for the head bolts?
My brother and I are unable to find a document which states the correct torque specification for the cylinder head bolts. I have purchased many shop manuals and this spec. is always blank.
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