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Lincoln "K" Technical Questions

32 ka limo
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Hi Dale,

I recently purchased a '36 K, 5 passenger sedan....and have been researching similar information (with no luck). I can't seem to trace the previous owners or the history of the car. However, production numbers (how many made that year) are available online, and other historical information is available from The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.

Do you still have the car? Are you still interested in selling it? Maybe you have some pics you could post?

Thanks...and best of luck.
I have a 32'ka 7 passenger limo, how do I find information about who owned it! it was bought new from Maddux Lincoln in Hollywood ca according to the dealer tag on the car. I would like to find out who bought it first if that is possible. CA dmv cant give me info past 10 yrs. I know who has owned from 1984 to now. I'm considering selling it and thought if some one famous from Hollywood owned it it could add value! I think its rare, I can only find 1 other limo for that year, but I don't know how many were built. my email address is the car is in las vegas, nv if any body is interested! Thank You! Dale Reuman
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