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Lincoln "L" Technical Questions

Paint codes
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I concur with the comment about the engine paint from Hirsch. I just got a can and did some test painting. It matches perfectly to the original engine color for my 29 L. Frank
Many Thanks for your time and effort , I have printed your last reply, and will try to get a PPG agent to mix me up the necessary. Will post the result when the lump is back in one piece !
Tim, further to my earlier post. Here is a document I have with more detail on the grey/green block paint.

Classic Lincoln Automobile Restoration
Lincoln Model L Engine Compartment Detail Information
Model L series 1921 through 1930

The following notes show the engine and engine compartment details for a model L Lincoln. Information presented is accurate at the time of posting. The below infomation calls out grey and silver painted parts as well as plated parts. The grey paint is a medium-dark grey and Dupont Centari color 6334 has been found to be a standard color that comes closest to the original color. A sample of Dupont 6334 is shown beolw. The silver can be a medium silver that is not heavily metallic. A word about plating. The following follows the guidlines of the Classic Car Club of America regarding the use and refinishing of plated parts. Chrome plating is an acceptable substitute for nickel plated items. As always, the final decision on whether to plate parts in chrome or nickel is at the province of the restorer

Suggested Color for Lincoln Model L engine Components and Firewall
Engine color note: As of March 2012, Dupont announced it will discontinue the Centari Paint product line. Below is a near equal Formula of a matching Color from PPG-Concept formula #34384. The formula mixes 8 ounces of paint, not including thinners or activators.

DMC900 Straight White 59.8 59.8
DMC902 Black 27.0 86.8
DMC908 Yellow 9.4 96.2
DMC904 Blue 3.2 99.4
DMC984 Clear 180.3 279.7
Tim, there are several documents around, I got my info from Reuben Taylor. The blocks and intake manifold are painted D-8800A NT Early Lincoln Grey from Bill Hirsch Auto parts, Newark NJ
For the crankcase Master Series Permanent Rust Sealer, High Build/Self Leveling Silver from PM Industries West Milford NJ ( This stuff is somewhat tricky to apply.
Good Luck
Good Afternoon
Could some knowledgeable member please tell me the correct paint code for the engine block gray . I need to make your blocks go the right colour Greg ! Many Thanks
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